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Graphite Block

Graphite block is a kind of square product in graphite electrode, which is made of petroleum coke and medium temperature coal pitch after crushing, sieving, batching, forming, cooling and baking, impregnation, graphitization and processing of graphite material, with the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity, light weight, etc. It is mainly used in large DC resistance furnace, blast furnace brick, conductive electrode, lining anti-corrosion and other applications.
Specifications Size (mm): 425*425*1950、525*525*1950、525*625*1950、625*625*1950、625*725*1950 Parameters Grain Size (mm): 0.8/0.5/2



体积密度Bulk Density 1.68-1.78g/cm3

电阻率Electrical Resistance7-10μΩm

抗折强度Bending Strength13-20Mpa

抗压强度Compressive Strength25-40 Mpa

热膨胀系数CTE:(2.8-3.510-6 /℃



Remarks:Products can be manufactured according to customers’ requirement.

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